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Samsung Instinct Video

From Walt Mossberg’s review on AllThingsD.com

BIS Down……AGAIN????

Apparently, as of 12:39pm today, the Blackberry Internet Service for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are down. People are reporting in the forums that they have not received any email. Ugh.

Xbox Live Activity

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (Full Retail Versions)
1 Call of Duty 4
2 Halo 3
3 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
4 Guitar Hero III
5 Gears of War
6 Rock Band
7 Army of Two
8 Forza Motorsport 2
9 FIFA 08
10 Madden NFL 08

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions)
1 Brain Challenge
3 N+
4 Assault Heroes
6 TiQal
7 Worms
8 Bomberman LIVE
9 TMNT 1989 Arcade
10 Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Robbie opens his sports site!

What Would Tom Brady Do? 

I know that I’m not the best in the world at updating the blog here, probably because I spend all my time reading sports blogs. I figured that since I spend all the time doing that I really should start my own blog. Well I have at WWTBD.com and hopefully I will start sometime this week with a sports podcast. I have been adding a lot of pictures from Red Sox Spring Training and will be adding even more this week with going to 4 more games. Please take a second and give it a look, and leave feedback for me.  

I will have some people helping out as well hopefully. So keep reading up to see how it goes.  

AT&T iPhone Unlimited Plan.


With the recent trend in “unlimited” as far as wireless carriers are concerned, AT&T has an official iPhone Unlimited Plan. Nothing really special here. It would have been the same as choosing the $99.99 unlimited voice plan plus data. With the iPhone plan, you are given 200 free messages. It would have really been attractive if they threw in unlimited messaging for the $119.99 asking price. Of course, no MMS or IM yet. June can’t come quick enough, can it?

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Michael on Tiny Political Show


Michael Manna was part of the panel during Citizen X’s Tiny Political Show on BlogTalkRadio tonight. He joined his friends Citizen X and Barry Hess about 30 minutes into the show to discuss LIbertarian issues. Please tune in to the Tiny Political Show every Thursday night at 10PM Eastern Time.

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SDK Episode of Podcast


Tonight Vince and Michael recorded a special SDK episode of the podcast. PLease subscribe to the podcast via the iTunes by clicking on the pic to the left.

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Apple SDK Event Today at 1pm Eastern Time


As many of you already know, Apple is having an event to discuss the iPhone’s SDK “Roadmap”. Depending upon the event, we will be recording a podcast as soon as all the information has been received and everyone schedule coincides with one another.

EDIT: Our first big update today on Iphone is that it will feature in next software update full Exchange Sync Support.

Second Update of stuff that I cared a lot about is they have announced games from EA and an AIM Client for the IPhone!!!

Time Capsule Available in Apple Retail Stores


500GB version- $399
1TB version- $499

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Interview with Scott Gruby from ReceiptWallet

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Gruby, the creator of ReceiptWallet and DocumentWallet. These two pieces of Mac software enable you to scan or organize all your receipts as well as any kind of document. I use both of these programs on a daily basis and highly recommend them. Please enjoy the interview and be sure to visit the ReceiptWallet site at www.receiptwallet.com.

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